View from the Ground

Maybe I inadvertently set my camera on a bug...

Bird’s-eye-view photos are neat and have their place.

I like to take bug’s-eye-view shots as well.

So here are some taken during our recent visit to northwest Mexico.

The water ran over
The hose was filling the “dam” around the plants.
We left the project untended too long.
The water ran over.
Location: front of Margy’s house in Ejido Santa María

Mark Roth, self-portrait
Location: same

Three people at Cochorit Beach at sunset: Mark Roth, Ruby Roth, Chris Strubhar
Mark & Ruby Roth and Chris Strubhar
tripod: beer bottle jammed into the sand
Location: Playa El Cochorit near Empalme, Sonora, Mexico

What fer flower is that?
Location: Margy’s back yard; porch fence; near outhouse

Plants in Margy's back yard
Greenery frames our rental van
(Enterprise is The Company for going this far into Mexico)
Location: Margy’s back yard; near “garage”

Prickly pear cactus in Margy's front yard
Tender fresh sprouts on nopal (prickly pear cactus)
Location: Margy’s front yard; close to fence

Margy's cat
Margy’s expectant cat
No, I don’t know her name
Location: does it matter?

Margy's doorstop girl
Margy’s doorstop girl
Holding the “office” door open
Location: in Margy’s living room

Waves at San Carlos beach
Mild waves at close range
Location: a beach in San Carlos, near Guaymas, Sonora Mexico

More waves

Beach driftwood at Cochorit Beach
Posed piece of driftwood
(That Ruby found and would have liked to bring home)
Location: Cochorit Beach, near Empalme)

Shell at Cochorit Beach
You see the pretty shell, of course
Do you see the big bubble at water’s edge?
I didn’t at the time
Not even after several views of the photo
In fact, not until I chose it to post here this morning
Location: Playas El Cochorit

I know I don’t have time to post this stuff. 🙄

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