Bye, Moon; Hi, Sun


I was outside early (enough) a few mornings ago. I saw the setting moon. So….

This first photo I took at 6:34.

Setting moon afar
The (full?) moon vanishing behind the trees
Setting moon zoomed in
There sets the moon.

I decided to self-inflict myself on the photo. So I used a railroad tie fence post for a unipod. I had to run back and forth a few times. In rubber boots. I was getting winded. Here’s the photo I chose in that particular batch:

Mark Roth and the nigh-vanished moon
Where’s the moon?

I decided I should also get some rising sun pictures. So I went trudging off in the other direction. First, though, I went into the house for a bit. Among the things I saw, this:

November 2 time (one hour and one minute late) and temperature near Yoder, Oregon
It was cold! (And I hadn’t changed the time back an hour yet)

I went back out and kept chugging east. But I didn’t get far before I heard geese honking.

I whipped off a quick shot before they vanished…and missed focusing on them:

geese and leaves
of leaves and leaving geese

Finally, I made it out into the other pasture. Since the sun had not yet risen, I shot another skyward salvo:

limp windsock against dawn sky
limp against the dawning sky our windsock doth limply fly

At 6:56, this shot:

sun about to rise
Somewhere around here there’s got to be a sunrise.

At seven o’clock, while I waited for the sunrise to show me the sun, I took a cellphone photo of my PhotoWeapon on another UniPod (this one helping hold up the wind sock pole):

Mark Roth's Kodak Photo Weapon
oldie but goodie

At 7:04, there comes the sun, folks!

red sun rising
Now the day is broken!
there comes the sun
There comes the sun finally!
sun breaks over the hills
zoomed in with my powerful 3X
sun rising in cow path
cow path to the rising sun
sun rising in cowpath
same cowpath; same sun; dog added
sun rising in cow path and people path
paths for the rising sun

By the time I shot that last one, it was 7:07.

Then, shortly after five that evening, I remembered one of my morning ideas: Get Some Day’s End Photos Also.

Alas, I was too late to get the full moon rising. This 5:09 shot will have to do:

moon rising
moon rise by Mt. Hood

I wasn’t able to get the sunset. Which is a good thing, since this post is suffering from Dreary Photo Overload.

(I meant to post these the same day I took them: November 2, 2009.)

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Above all, love God!
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