How to Pray for Your Children

Our children need and prosper by our prayers for them.

Be they unborn or married with grandchildren, our offspring benefit from our prayerful watchfulness over them.

So here are five ways I pray for my family:

  1. That we would love God above all, with our all, and first of all…and our neighbors as ourselves.
  2. That we would seek first God’s kingdom and righteousness, setting our affection on things above and laying up treasures in heaven.
  3. That we would be encouragers, builders, and peacemakers.
  4. That God would keep us for Himself and from the evil one.
  5. That God would grant us victory over and cleansing from our individual weaknesses and sins.

Of course, I pray for them (us, actually) in other ways as well.

How do you pray for your family?

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Above all, love God!
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