Email in Distraction-Free Environment

Using a big-free email service is a gateway-to-the-Web experience with all kinds of distractions and bloat. Enter God's Post for a distraction-free environment.

Using Gmail or Hotmail or YahooMail or AOL is a gateway-to-the-Web experience with all kinds of distractions.

And bloat. Wow! Talk about bloat! 😯 If you use Gmail, you know it isn’t merely about email. You know how you’ve blown so much time “checking my email”! 🙁 Sure, it can be fun and entertaining and helpful and efficient.

But often you want to do your email
in a distraction-free environment.

For over a decade I offered free, web-based email at God’s Post.

You might like these “negative” benefits of an email address:

  1. No advertising (almost none, anyway)
  2. No spying on you by the provider (ie, me)
  3. No chat or messaging to distract you
  4. No circles or hangouts to entice you
  5. No Pluses to feed you stuff you don’t want

Maybe by now you’re 🙄 or even 👿 at the negativity.

OK. How about some benefits then?

  1. Simplicity of use
  2. Freedom from non-email enticements and bloat
  3. Support for the little guy (ie, me) instead of the Web giants
  4. Promotion of a subliminal message about God’s call to servanthood

I began this post by referring to God’s Post as a web-based email service. It can also be configured for POP3 or IMAP. Or you can simply set it up to forward to another email address.

I also started by saying that I had offered it as a free service. That changed a year ago. I cannot afford to offer the service for free anymore. (And perhaps I never could!) I started charging $25 a year per email address.

HID THIS PARAGRAPH AT 10:00 PM ON DECEMBER 28, 2012 Alas, that has not drawn in enough subscribers to come anywhere close to breaking even. So unless I get at least 30 paying subscribers to sign up for 2013, I’ll be killing the service at the end of December 2012.

Comment? Sure!

Above all, love God!
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