Help Me Title My New Book!

Six weeks ago, I alerted several thousand readers to A Vision for Fall Quarter 2012.

I am slowly converting that vision into a 52-page book, with two equal-length sections:

  • A Living Faith
  • The Beginnings of the Church

What do you suggest for a title for such a book?

Each of the above sections has thirteen two-page “chapters” with these subdivisions:

  • Preparing My Heart
  • Asking Questions to Personalize the Lesson
  • Summarizing Foundational Concepts
  • Nourishing My Soul

As of right now, I’m three pages short of the half-way mark. (Did you notice the update box over there in the sidebar?)

Sample cover for my new bookNow before I do too much more writing, I need to set up a dedicated page for this project instead of relying on blog posts. Alas, I still have no title for my book!

I guess I could just use Thoughts for the Week as the title. Or I could go with a simple something like I show here. Or I could cobble together some combination of the two. But I’d rather have your help. I think. 😯

I am hoping you will help me!

Bonus question: What do you suggest for cover art?

Update: — August 3, 2012 — I’ve settled on a title. And I’ll probably just select something nice from my nature photos to use on the cover.

Comment? Sure!

Above all, love God!
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