Posting About Progressing Pending Posts

Prospective titles for some posts...and some of their sub-points

I’m Waiting to Say aside, I’ve some other posts pressing my pericardium (I think). Earlier this morning I finally started outlining these four:

  • My Three Steps Toward Thankfulness
  • If I Had $50 to Spare
  • Tips for Wannabe Amazon Associates
  • How to Fix My Messed-Up Church

With these as their opening sub-points:

  • I see it upside down and blurry.
  • Buy an external hard drive and a thing of compressed air.
  • Forget the pot of gold.
  • Realize I deserve nothing good.

Pretty fascinating, eh? Well, you can subscribe to my blog via email or RSS feed… 🙂

I don’t know which to finalize and post first. (I’ll probably start with the Amazon affiliate thing first, since it’s in reply to a now-long-ago question by a friend on Facebook.)

I’d also like to post a photo piece titled “Dear Mr. Buzzard, You’re an Ingrate” (or something like that). But that will probably keep for a while. I just better not forget to take the picture before Wallace or Junior or Ol’ Mistah Buzzard proves me wrong.

Meanwhile, I need to get on with the productive portions of my day. Oh. Wait. Here’s something I posted early this morning to one each of my Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ accounts:

Comment? Sure!

Above all, love God!
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