ISIS Sends 21 from a Beach to the Throne

42 men, each precious in the eyes of Jesus the Redeemer

21 Egyptians martyred by ISIS in Libya

Are the ones in orange pictured above among these now?

I don’t know enough to pretend to know the eternal status of those 21 Eygptian Copts slaughtered on that beach. But I thought of the Revelation scene(s).

I also thought of this angle:

May God redeem the killers.

The Islamic State terror group released a video on Sunday showing the Islamic jihadis beheading 21 Egyptian Christians who were previously kidnapped in Libya.

The Egyptian Copts, who were dressed in prisoner-like orange jump suits, were lined up along a beach and abruptly beheaded in the graphic five-minute video.The Islamic State’s Al Hayat Media, the group that has published the previous beheading videos in the Middle East, produced the Libya video titled, “A Message Signed With Blood To The Nation Of The Cross.”

ISIS Beheads 21 Christians, Promises To “Conquer Rome, By Allah’s Permission”

May each of the killers experience the love that will not let them go.

They too are precious in the eyes of the Redeemer Lamb, who shed His blood for them.

Praise God for His redeeming love!

Comment? Sure!

Above all, love God!
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