Seven Things You Can Do to Cast Down Gentile Power in the Church

How to rein in an unbiblical reign in your congregation

“Ye know that they which are accounted to rule over the Gentiles exercise lordship over them; and their great ones exercise authority upon them” (Mark 10:42).

That’s what I call Gentile Power.

“Power. Authority. That’s pretty heady stuff! Too often, those who have it want to preserve it, and those who don’t have it want to acquire it.” (Mark Roth, c. 1994)

Gentile Power infects churches, church committees, and church boards. That’s because it infects disciples. Even disciples of Jesus. Read the context and background of the verse above if you doubt me.

Over the weekend I finally posted an article I wrote on this subject. In it I mention five categories of people according to their response to or perception of this evil. I also offer seven options for the consideration of those weighing their response to such use of church authority.

Along the way, I ask:

You have… You have… You have… But that person — minister, chairman, whoever — continues to use his position as license to exercise Gentile Power.

What are you supposed to do?

Jesus' disciples, watching Him closely

I eventually offer the challenge to choose between two other options. Then I advise:

Choose well.
You’ll pay dearly for either one.
But only one will reward you handsomely.

I invite you to read my full article (Gentile Power in the Church) then come back here and extend the discussion below.

1 thought on “Seven Things You Can Do to Cast Down Gentile Power in the Church

  1. I know that within most groups of people there is a pecking order and most people “know their place” and within this order there are folks with huge egos. What I do when I am within this social circle, I will look around to see what needs to be done and go there with my time, skills. Most of the times these jobs are left begging and they do not get a lot of recognition. When you go there the field is not crowded and you can work with a lot of freedom and creativity! Eventually, you will attract attention and there may be a reaction….In any case,we are called to be servants and when this becomes our driving force there is a reward that escapes those who lust for the limelight.

    My opinion….

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