Unexpected Vehicle at Night

Yup. It happened last night.

We live on a lonely-at-night country road — up a somewhat-long, somewhat-tree-shrouded driveway.

And a car showed up. (Yeah, there were people in it.)


So I gave our big black dog my special whistle to switch him from Welcome Waggin’ mode to Vicious Attack K9 mode. Then I took down the double-banger shotgun from over the back door and opened the door.

Very Important Disclaimer: That previous paragraph is totally detached from reality and from history.

The visitors were unexpected to us parents, but not to their siblings (who also live here).

Russell and Shari brought a new starter for our van, compliments of Luke and LaVay. Russell did the mechanicking with Andrew’s help.

Andrew and Russell under our van
Andrew and Russell studying our van’s starter
Russell and Andrew replacing our van's starter

Very, very nice to have a dependable starter on our van again.

Thank you very much!

(And to think that two days earlier I had planned to buy a new starter!)

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Above all, love God!
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