How Long Til Breakfast?

And will those things end up in my breakfast?

I didn’t quite spoon-feed our hens this morning. (Well, Friday morning. I didn’t finish this project then!)

But I did pick out — one at a time and by hand — some special feed for them.

Problem is, one hen pigged out.

Chickens are that way.

No consideration for their fellow fowl.

But I got sidetracked.

The special feed is high protein. And free for the picking. And slippery. And wriggly.

Personally, I don’t care for it. But some of our chickens love it!


And that got me to wondering — how long til those worms that hen ate end up in my breakfast eggs?

Not that I mind. I can eat worms that have been thus processed by chickens.

(No photos this time. But maybe next…)

Comment? Sure!

Above all, love God!
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