El Chilito Mexican Restaurant

We got there shortly after noon yesterday, just in time to wait for fresh food:

El Chilito: waiting in line
Waiting in line, they were — I’m in the glass

There was here:

El Chilto's sign
El Chilito Mexican Restaurant

What we each got and ate (mostly):

Miguel's shrimp plate
Miguel: camarones al mojo de ajo
Karen's chile relleno and I don't remember what else
Karen: chile relleno and enchilada
Ruby's sopes
Ruby: sopes (aka gorditas)
Mark's shrimp
Me (aka Mark): camarones rancheros

Well, I didn’t take all this time just to show you food photos. I took all this time to give a public thumbs-up to the folks at this little Mexican restaurant or semi-fast food joint or road-side stand or whatever you want to call it.

El Chilito:

  • Delicious Mexican food
  • Generous servings
  • Very good prices
  • Friendly people
  • Along Highway 99E
  • In Canby
  • In Oregon

For the menu as well as other reviews and so forth, see the links I have at the end.

Oh, and on our way home, as we were leaving Aurora (which means we were southbound on Hwy 99E), Karen saw this:

Pacific Hazelnut Candy Factory
Pacific Hazelnut Candy Factory — Aurora, Oregon

She’d been there before, but none of the rest of us had been. Miguel quickly decided we should go back for postre (dessert), so he whipped the car around and back we zoomed.


If ever you’re driving through Aurora, Oregon, be sure to stop in. They have lots of scrumptious free samples. Oh, and they’re across the street from the Post Office (on the west side of 99E).

Many thanks to my brother-in-law and my sister for treating us to such a fine time together!

More links to El Chilito:

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