How Mark’s Day Began

Wait. Do you really want to know that I’ve had two cups of coffee, one banana, and one long walk? No, likely not. Huh — imagine that. OK, forget that, then.

Instead I’ll clue you in to some of what I’ve seen online so far today. How’s that?

PaintShopPro X4 — get if for free at Frys, if you qualify for the upgrade rebate (which I do, but I’ll pass on this for now, I think — ask me why, if you’re curious)

Sojourning Strangers — a stranger visits a strange church…and lives to blog about it (“The refreshments were not free in this church…”)

FavePersonal 1.1 — for bloggers on self-hosted WordPress installations, a theme that really appeals to me (but which is not worth $69 to me at this point)

Gracious Words — inspirationally-challenging for Christians (and helpful for certain Sunday School teachers)

Don’t Bet On Obamacare — Oh. OK. Maybe I shouldn’t. 🙄

Game | Punch | Tubes — and to think I have some of those to sell also (Hey! You could just buy them directly from me — who needs eBay, huh?!) 😯

WordPress Plugin Reviews — a potentially-valuable new resource for WordPress users

And, finally, in the Hey-I-Have-A-Computer-For-That! Department, this.

Now I must go liberate the hens, spin the dog, traipse through the woods, water the garden, and discourage a few weeds. Then break fast.

And you? Well, you could do me a favor — comment below and/or “share” this on the social webs. Thanks! 🙂

Comment? Sure!

Above all, love God!
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