Dear Writer or Blogger

You have to convince your reader that your story is worth his time.

This is just for you:

You have to convince them
that your stories are worth their time.
Tucker Carlson

It’s about your readers — you’d better listen up.

Pamela Wilson, in her blog post 8 Incredibly Simple Ways to Get More People to Read Your Content, notes:

Well, a quick Googling of Amazon led me two to books I’d like to read too:

This is all stuff I need to remember here at Ain’t Complicated. And at Anabaptists and Panting Hart.

And maybe that’s why my ebook bombed.

Are you a writer? What practices do you have that help you engage readers?

Are you a reader? (You must be…) What do you look for in the opening paragraph(s) or on the first screen to decide whether to read on or move along?

2 thoughts on “Dear Writer or Blogger

  1. I will not be much help to you here because I find few things as terrifying/paralyzing as reading how-to-get-people-to-read-your-blog articles or actually trying to write in such a way as to attract more readers.
    An analogy: do you attract more people to Jesus by reading lots of how-to-witness books or by getting to know Jesus better?
    I have learned this: if something “works” I keep that in mind for next time.

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