Bible Conference 2014 -- Hopewell Mennonite Church

One quote each from yesterday morning’s speakers, given in the order in which they were received…

“Be an example even though you are young.” –Andy Roth

“God’s kingdom suffers while my kingdom is built.” –Wayne Miller

“What is more compelling to us than the voice of God?” –Kenley Miller

“God’s Word does things in people’s lives” –John Coblentz

Our conference started Friday evening and ends this evening.

Communion. A somber ceremony filled with dignity and gravity.

What do you think about when you take part in the Christian service known as Communion? What do you remember, what is your focus? What is your spirit?

I am positive that the Lord wishes Communion to be a time of sobriety and reflection, yes, but also of rejoicing, exultation and victory.

Communion reminds us of the Lord and the agony He went through for us.

In a more symbolic way, partaking of this emblem should remind us that we are now the body of Christ. Individually and corporately we now have the mission of living the life of the Lord on this planet.

Communion reminds us of the Lord and the blood He shed for our redemption.

One of the concepts to remember in this part of the service is that blood is life. By drinking the fruit of the vine we in a sense recognize that without His blood we cannot live. Continue reading