It's hard to steer straight when you're navel gazing!

Self-pity has no kinship with humility.

[The Scriptures say in Luke 14:11 -- Whosoever exalteth himself shall be abased]
Self-pity is a form of self-exaltation!

Self-pity is weakness, not meekness.

Self-pity steals attention from God. Self-pity reveals a focus on self which cannot co-exist with a focus on Christ. Thus, self-pity leaves Jesus out of the picture. If the previous be true, self-pity is sin. Continue reading

But modeling what you teach is still extremely important.

Did you know Moses was a father?

Yeah, it’s easy to forget that Moses and his Midianite wife had two sons.

Can you name them? Probably not.

And even if you could, you couldn’t say much about them. The Bible tells us very little about them. We don’t know their deeds, their values, and their destinies.

We could be forgiven for assuming they didn’t follow in their father’s steps very far. Continue reading