Too bad it never crossed my mind to ask Him!

“Is Mark Roth here tonight?”

The moderator of our evening church service this past Sunday scanned the audience.

He couldn’t see me. I didn’t help him. I sat still, blending in as well as any bald guy could. I was very tired after chairing a long Board meeting that ended shortly before the service began.

He still didn’t see me. I still didn’t help him.

But my wife raised her hand and pointed at me. 😯

The moderator (a former student of mine, I might append) called me up front with instructions to talk about nonresistance.

Impromptu. Spur of the moment. No advance warning. No notes. No thinking time.

I walked up front slowly, giving myself some extra moments to think. Continue reading

The text message came out of the blue from someone who rarely contacts me.

The message was brief and made no sense to me.

It had no context to enlighten me, no background to guide me.

But I had a context to test it in. It seemed to plug in just fine. But that led me to wonder if the message had actually been sent to me by mistake, if it had actually been meant for someone else. So though the text plugged into my test context just fine, it left me feeling just otherwise. 😯

“Evil surmisings,” says 1 Timothy 6:4.

“Evil thoughts,” say Mark 7:21 and James 2:4. Continue reading