Acts 11:19-26

This morning I used the reading in the March-April-May issue of Our Daily Bread. (A good little devotional which I really should read with my family.)

Here’s the opening paragraph by C. P. Hia:

My Chinese family name sets me apart from others with different family names. It also confers on me a family responsibility. I am a member of the Hia family. As a member of the family, I am expected to carry on the Lia line and uphold the honor of my ancestors.

I’m a Roth. I want my children to carry my name with honor. I’m pleased (and proud, too often) when they do. And dismayed (and at times even ashamed) when they do not.

But it’s not just my own name. It’s my father’s name. Do I carry his name with the honor I wish my children would carry mine?

Even more important than that is the Lord’s name.

“…Christians first…” (26).

Do I carry it with honor or do I take it in vain?

Well, back to the little book and the next-to-the-last paragraph for today:

If you call yourself a Christian, does your life tell others who Jesus is? Are you hungry for God’s Word? Do your actions bring honor or shame to Christ’s name?

Who? Me?
[For he was a good man, and full of the Holy Ghost and of faith (Acts 11:24)]
from Acts 11:24

Surely you could add something...