So it’s Christmas Day 2010.

And my reading today is Psalm 115:

Wherefore should the heathen say,
Where is now their God?

But our God is in the heavens:
he hath done whatsoever he hath pleased.

Ye that fear the Lord,
trust in the Lord:
he is their help and their shield.

The Lord hath been mindful of us:
he will bless us….

He will bless them that fear the Lord,
both small and great.

Ye are blessed of the Lord
which made heaven and earth.

Be we will bless the Lord
from this time forth
and for evermore.
Praise the Lord.

Behold, a virgin shall be with child,
and shall bring forth a son,
and they shall call his name Emmanuel,
which being interpreted is,
God with us.

Matthew 1:23

May you be blessed by Him today.

And always.

Surely you could add something...