I didn’t violate you — as though seeing you exposed were no violation.
modified photograph of T

I. Don’t. Know. You.

I wasn’t looking for you. I found you during a Web search for one of my many friends. Now I’ve seen you — far more of you than I, who am not your husband, should have seen.

Did you mean to look sad? Perhaps you were trying to look seductive or at least inviting, kneeling upright there in the grass.

But what’s striking and attention-grabbing to me is your face, not the rest of your body. You look sad, T. (I’d make this even more personal by using your name, but then I would be helping the curious and the perverts to find you.)

Do you look sad because you know…

  • you are giving away your “scenic views” so cheaply?
  • you have little prime “real estate” left covered and unexploited?
  • you are demeaning yourself for little return?
  • you two have turned you into mere eye candy for lustful men?
  • you won’t get the affection your soul craves?
  • you should be protecting your modesty and your value?
  • the photographer should have protected your modesty and your value?

Or is the sad face your attempt to sear an unspoken truth into the eyes and conscience of the photog and all other lookers?

Then again, maybe it’s just my imagination. Maybe you aren’t sad.

Whether you are or aren’t, I’m sad for you. (And for the photographer as well, come to think of it.)

You are meant for better. Far better.

You are meant to be better. Far better.

You are meant to have better. Far better.

He who created you did not design you and form you and give you life for this . . . this . . . use.

I pray you find your Creator and your Good Shepherd. I pray that He becomes your Redeemer. May you find in Jesus Christ true fulness, satisfaction, joy, peace, meaning, and worth.

Do I still have the original copy of the above photo? Absolutely. Not. It was on my computer only long enough for me to hastily replace it with the above version. And while I had it, I didn’t violate you — as though merely seeing you so exposed were no violation of itself, even as short and dispassionate as that seeing was.

When I know you aren’t likely to read this, why post it? (Maybe I hope the Sovereign One will draw you here…and draw you to Himself.)

When I know the potential peril to my own reputation, why post it?

Primarily, I guess I’m appealing to Christian men to value any woman as her Creator values her…and view her and treat her accordingly.

Secondarily, though no less, I’m appealing to women, especially Christian women, to protect their virtue and integrity. (I don’t understand why so many of you want to show us what we shouldn’t see, no matter how nice it may be.)

Ultimately, though, perhaps the biggest benefit of posting this is to me. While the replacement image above did not immediately erase the original’s imprint on my mind, thinking about this article and composing it strongly reinforces right thinking. (Thankfully, the original image already has faded substantially from my conscious mind.)

So, no, I don’t know you.

And, no, I didn’t look for you.

You came into my consciousness quite “by accident,” but I hope much good comes from it…and this.

I wish you the discovery and full enjoyment of God’s best for you. To that end, I wish you the Creator’s blessing, T.

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