Shouldn't people reap what they sow?!

Some folks live by a twisted Golden Rule that does to others as others have done to them.

It’s an easy trap to fall into, even for parents, missionaries, bishops, and school teachers.

When people plant bad seed by doing something against me, why should I not contribute to the bad harvest awaiting them?

And why should they not get what they deserve?

Where is the justice in the Golden Rule?

For reference, here is what Jesus said:

“And as ye would that men should do to you,
do ye also to them likewise.”

(Luke 6:31)

So…what’s so great about that? Why should I not do to others as they’ve already done to me?

  1. Jesus said I should treat others as I want to be treated. Why would I want to disobey Him?
  2. In sowing good, I guarantee a harvest of good. Why would I want to guarantee myself an evil harvest?
  3. Mercy and truth unto them that devise good
    I want mercy and truth.
  4. Jesus takes personally how I treat others (Matthew 25:40). Why would I want to treat Him shabbily just because someone else has?
  5. Do good to others, as unto the Lord
    How to do good to others
  6. Several times the Bible commands me not to return “evil for evil.” Why would I want to go against the Scriptures?

What other reasons do you have to add?

Surely you could add something...